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Site Knowledge Inc. recommends for your payment processing/Merchant Account needs. They are truly an industry standard, and customer service is second to none.

Basic Fee Structure for Payment Gateway:

Non-Refundable Setup Fee: $99.00
Monthly Gateway Fee: $17.95
Per Transaction Fee $0.10

Fee Structure for Internet Merchant Account:

Merchant Account Setup Fee: $0.00
Monthly Fee: $9.95
Authorization Fee: $0.25
Visa/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate: 2.19%
Visa/MasterCard Mid-Qualified Surcharge: 0.70%
Visa/MasterCard Non Qualified Surcharge: 1.20%
Minimum Discount: $25.00
Chargeback Fee: $19.00
ACH Return Fee: $20.00
Batch Fee: $0.25
Online Reporting Fee: $0.00
Verbal Authorization Fee: $1.20
Early Termination Fee: Waived
Visa & MastercCard Pass-Through Assessments:
Visa Authorization Access Fee: $0.005 per auth.
Visa International Assessment: 0.40%
MasterCard Network Access & Brand Usage Fee: $0.0185 per cap.
MasterCard Cross-Border Fee: 0.40%
MasterCard International Assessment: 0.45%